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Fullerton Livestock Market was purchased by Fritz and Janet Engel in 1964, and has since been family owned and operated. After Fritz passed away in 2004, the business was managed by daughter Lu and son-in-law Kenny Rieken for several years. Kenny and Lu purchased the business from Janet in 2008.

The facility can house about 2,000 head of cattle. The remaining original buildings were recently torn down and roof replacements are now complete. Kenny and Lu plan to continue upgrades of the other buildings over the next few years.

Cattle sales are held every Friday, except for the summer schedule of every other Friday (May 1 to October 1). Special cow sales are held on every other Monday from October 1 to May 1. Machinery sales are hosted several times during the year, attracting a large regional crowd.

The cafe serves delicious specials, hamburgers, homemade soup, and homemade pie for lunch on sale days.

The Crew

Kenny and Lu Rieken, Owner and Manager


Kenny Rieken

Trent Engel &

Curtis Wetovick

Fullerton Livestock Market Inc.
710 N Broadway St.
Fullerton, NE 68638
Office: 308-536-2436
Fax: 308-536-2437


To have someone come look at your cattle please call:

Kenny Rieken at 308-550-0214

KC Rieken at 308-550-0113 or

Tom Engel at 308-548-8144.

Field Reps:

Trent Engel 402-750-6582
Chase Rieken 308-550-1805


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